A_BEST Conference: “Ascending to the Business Environment by means of German “, 3rd edition


A_BEST (, one of the largest independent foreign language centers in Romania, is organizing on March 29, 2018, the third edition of the conference “Ascending to the Business Environment by means of German”.


At the event to be held at A_BEST Business Lounge in Bucharest, two representatives of the top management of Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions Austria GMBH Vienna – Bucharest Branch will participate. They are: Bogdan Barbu – Head of Centralized Branch Operations Romania and Samanta Barnabei – HR Business Partner HR Department Governance Romania. On this occasion, the two guests will talk about “the importance of the German Language for Successful Management.”

The event is dedicated not only to human resource professionals, but also to business executives and academics wishing to participate in an interactive debate on the importance of German in the Romanian business environment and on the peculiarities of the study of this foreign language.

“Ascending to the Business Environment by means of German”, 3rd edition, will be held on March 29, 2018, from 17.00 to 19.30, at Hotel Cişmigiu in Bucharest (near Cişmigiu Park, Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, no 38, click here for map) and the meeting participants will learn from the representatives of Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions about the organization and integration of employees in German language training programs.

“Nowadays, those who master one of the key foreign languages ​​in the international business environment are easily avoiding significant linguistic and cultural barriers. In Romania, at the moment, the most sought after languages, but also the best paid on the labor market, are the Nordic languages, such as Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish, but in recent years it can easily be noticed that German has begun gaining ground, given that Germany is one of Romania’s main trading partners.”, said Aura Icodin, General Director of the A_BEST Foreign Language Center.

The previous editions of the “Ascending to the Business Environment by means of German” event had as speakers: Magda Sandu, HR Manager of PORSCHE Finance Group Romania for its first edition, and Diana Burhala, Learning & Development Leader at IBM Romania, for the the second edition of the event.

“Ascending to the Business Environment by means of German” is an interactive event that has managed to create an excellent oportunity for approaching topics of interest during the editions organized so far, such as the importance of investing in training programs and German courses adapted to the specific learning needs of learners, correlated with the specific needs of the Romanian business environment.

Access to the event is based solely on the invitation, within the limits of the available seats, and does not imply any participation fees.

Media partners: Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien,

Event Partners: Open4Business, A_BEST Business Lounge, Inocenti Foundation, Best Corporate Labor Group, Top Movers Romania

Academic Partners: The League of Romanian Students Abroad

About the A_BEST Foreign Language Center

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