Twin sisters in Inocenti Educational program are eager to discover Korean culture!

June 25th, 2019

Two twelve year old twin sisters, S. and D. who are part of the Inocenti Educational Support Program at Ferdinand School in Bucharest for the past three years, are proving to us all that the passion for learning can be nourished!    

Originally these two sisters were referred to us because of the difficulties they faced in school, but very early on, with support from our Inocenti staff, they quickly blossomed into happy and energetic learners. The pleasure with which they come to the daily activities is the most obvious clue that we are on the right track together. Over the years, our program has helped D. cultivate and develop self-esteem, being more tolerant and sociable with people around her.  For S. these years meant discovering a passion – drawing – and the perseverance in developing these new skills. In addition to their active presence in the Inocenti educational program and the school results, the two sisters also support their parents in various activities during their spare time.

As you can clearly see, their free time is extremely precious especially as we should add to this long list of activities a hobby that requires time and effort from both of the girls. It’s Korean culture with everything it means: dances, geography, population, tradition, but also Korean language. Now we are witnessing the first beautiful results. Girls already know how to write their name in Korean, as well as some basic words they are eager to teach their friends in our program.

Corina Paraschiv, Inocenti teacher: “D. and S. are two energetic girls, they are very curious and eager to learn as much as possible from the people they meet. They have evolved over the years, have the courage to express their thoughts, to ask questions and to persevere in the passions they have. “

* The Educational Support and Social Integration Program at Ferdinand I School is supported by Fondation Albatros.



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