Therapeutical Stories

Therapeutic stories for hospitalized children and their families: stories of emotions and the body, of soul and illness

These stories are meant to provide assistance to children and their families in navigating hospitalization, by bringing forth the emotions behind certain symptoms, introducing medical procedures using age-adapted language, and strengthening the parent-child relationship through the experience of reading the stories together.

This project is part of the Child Life program and was brought to life in 2020 by the Inocenți psychologists Andreea Busuioc and Ana-Maria Ioniță, who deliver therapeutic interventions at the Dr. Victor Gomoiu Children’s Clinical Hospital in Bucharest.

Your donation can support the printing of these therapeutic stories, so that as large a number of children as possible can benefit from a smoother hospitalization process and a different kind of understanding of what illness is, which can pave the way for healing.

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