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Sponsoring a child

Inocenti and RCR offer individuals and companies the chance to sponsor a child or a Program. Our child sponsorships are centered on 30 older children with special needs who are living in a Placement Center (Orphanage). The Inocenti Child Sponsorship Program provides daily activities by trained outreach workers; advocacy, field trips and special needs equipment, such as wheel chairs, and feeding chairs. Some children also participate in therapy sessions with a psychologist and physical therapist as needed.
COST – The cost for child sponsorship is $800 per year, or 75$ per month (720 Euros, 60 per month).
Who are the children available for sponsorship and how does RCR select them?
The children in the Child Sponsorship Program all live in Bistrita-Nasaud County, where Inocenti / RCR has operated award winning support programs for more than 15 years. All of the children in the program do not live in a family, and all have severe to profound special needs.

What does my sponsored child get from the sponsorship program?
The Romanian Children’s Relief Child Sponsorship program includes:
• Six days per week of activities conducted by trained Outreach Workers.
• Field trips to local parks and stores, plus occasional overnight trips when possible.
• Special Needs equipment, such as wheel chairs, feeding chairs, as needed.
• Therapy sessions with Psychologist and Physical Therapist as needed.
How does Child Sponsorship work at Romanian Children’s Relief / Fundatia Inocenti?
As a sponsor, you will receive a photo of your child, and a brief story of his or her life. You’ll also receive quarterly updates from your child’s Outreach Worker or notes from your child where possible.

Can I send a birthday or Holiday Gift to my Sponsored Child?
Sending a birthday card is the best way to celebrate your sponsored child’s birthday. Please do not send gifts of cash or other items to your child. This is really important. Although it feels nice to send a gift, it can create great sadness when one child receives a gift and others don’t. If you’d like to make a financial gift in honor of your sponsored child’s birthday, or other holiday, please contact us. We will be happy to add those funds to the overall holiday and birthday gift funds for the children each year. (These gifts are usually the material items that are needed by the child, such as a winter coat, boots or backpack).

Does my money go directly to the children?
Yes. There are many abandoned children with special needs who will benefit from the sponsorship funds contributed under this program – not just the children who are sponsored.

The approximate program budget is as follows:

Romania Staff: 5 Outreach Workers $ 20,000

Program Supplies/Equipment/Management $ 2,700

Romania utilities/phone $ 1,000

Romania Training/Transport/ $ 2,000

US phone/mail/admin $ 2,100

TOTAL $26,000 (Divided by 30 children = $890yr per child)

Can I adopt my sponsored child?
We’re sorry, but at this time, international adoptions are not available in Romania. Please note: Fundatia Inocenti or Romanian Children’s Relief are not adoption agencies, nor are we affiliated with an adoption agency.

Additional Questions?
Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sponsoring a Program

If you or your company would like to sponsor one of our programs, your gift may be tax deductible in the U.S and Romania. As a company you can decide to re-direct part of your taxes to help children in need without further cost.
What do you have to do?
Sign a sponsorship contract with Fundatia Inocenti. In Romania, you can deduct 20% from your taxes that you owe to the state, up to 3 ‰ of your profit.

To sponsor a program, contact us HERE

What are your advantages?
You have control of part of the money that you owe to the state, so you can decide what the state should do with your money.
The name of your company will be advertised through our annual report that will appear online. In addition, we will distribute a few hundreds of copies of this report to our local and international partners.
This sponsorship is a way to motivate your employees. They will feel that your company cares about the community problems and want to help solving some of the problems that the society faces.
If you need more information, please contact us HERE.


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