Reena –One Step at a Time


Born prematurely and suffering from the effects of a collapsed lung, eighteen month old Reena first came to the Romanian Children’s Relief-Inocenti Early Intervention Program when she was four months old. Reena was in desperate need – her health and vitality were so impaired that she could not even lift her head.

Razvan Chirlejan, a gifted physical therapist who has been with RCR-Inocenti nearly 10 years began working with Reena. His therapeutic skills, developed through years of training in Romania and abroad, are matched by his “bedside manner”- a charismatic bonding trait that charms his tiny patients as well as their parents. Razvan worked with Reena two to three times a week, putting her through challenging exercises designed to strengthen her motor skills and flexibility. Work on the therapy ball increases muscle tone and improves balance.

“Now Reena is standing on her own on tippy toes,” reports Alina, 18 months later, “and the next step, with Razvan’s help, is to get her to start walking on her own! We could not be happier.”

The Early Intervention Program in Bistrita has been running since 2006. In that time, thousands of children of different ages have been able to benefit from therapy and recovery services in our center and in the home. The Program focuses on children with developmental delays and neuro-psychomotor disabilities living in Bistrita and the surrounding area. The goal of the Program is to assist in the recovery of the children, to facilitate their social integration and to reduce the risk of maternal abandonment.

Support groups, advice and counseling are available for parents designed to improve parent – child relationships and to help parents cope and conduct therapeutic activities at home.



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