The School Failure Prevention Program, Bucharest and Ilfov

The School Failure Prevention Program (S.F.P.) developed by Inocenti Foundation – Bucharest Branch is a social and educational program, started in 2011, and it consists of:

The Educational Support Center Bucharest (ESC 1)

The Educational Support Service for Youth (ESY)

The Educational Support Center Glina, Ilfov County (ESC 2)

The Educational Support Center Bucharest (ESC 1), 2011 – present

Location: Public School no. 31 – District 2, Bucharest

We have 25 children enrolled in ESC 1 Program who are all students from grades 0-IV, who are at risk of abandoning school.
The Program is targeting the children, but the other member of their families also, aiming at a quality improvement of their social condition on a long term.

What are the activities performed at ESC 1?

The children come daily at ESC 1, from Monday to Thursday, 12:00 noon – 4:00 PM.
Here they are helped by our staff and volunteers to fulfill their school tasks for the next day and to catch up to an acceptable level of knowledge for their age group; they also participate in extra general courses (such as English Courses). After the work is done, we have fun doing education while playing.
When the weather allows us to, we get outdoors in the parks, we visit museums, we go to the theatre and we try to restore, as much as we can, their happy childhood.

Once a year we organize a short School Camp. We all go (children, staff and volunteers) and spend good quality time together, creating beautiful moments and discovering the world around us. These children only get out of their small community when we take them out for different activities; other way, their parents/families do not afford and/or neither do they think is important for their children to do such activities with them.
Every month we do individual and group meetings for counseling and support.

For the parents and other members of their families we also provide administrative support, psychological counseling, career orientation and other related activities. We are working with them daily, our final Goal being that we want to help them develop into Responsible Adults/Parents for the wellbeing of their children.

The Educational Support Service for Youth (ESY), March 2013 – Present

Location: Public School no. 31 – District 2, Bucharest

ESY is targeting the teenagers that have already reached a high educational level compared to the average educational level of other members of their communities, and who have a high risk of failure regarding the final exams needed for them to graduate school.
ESY currently supports 8 teenagers who are part of families with high social and financial difficulties. They are students in the final year of secondary school or high school and a part of them are brothers or sisters of our children enrolled at ESC 1.
This Service started due to diversification of the activities we run at ESC 1. By involving in our Program other members of our beneficiaries’ families, we met young ambitious students, who are very responsible compared to other members of their community, but they lack the needed help and support for graduating. Somehow, by their own, they managed to stay in school and keep up with their colleagues, although the adults around them do not appreciate their efforts. In conclusion, these teenagers have reached a high educational level compared to others like them, but they still have a long way to go and without help they will have to quit school before graduating the final exams.

What are the activities performed at ESY?

All teenagers benefit from specialized support offered by our volunteers, based on each individual needs.
Daily, from 3:00 PM – 07:00 PM, we provide them with individual tutoring classes in: Romanian Language and Literature, Mathematics, Biology, English, Informatics, etc.
Our final Goal is to help them graduate and pass their final national exams.
We also organize support groups with the help of our Psychologist; we assist them with counseling and career orientation provided by our Youth Counselor and also other recreational activities meant to foster healthy peer relations and an efficient career orientation.
All our beneficiaries at ESY are also volunteers at ESC 1, by this offering support to those in need, just like they receive support from us, by attending the ESY Service.

The Educational Support Center Glina, Ilfov County (ESC 2), March 2013 – Present

Location: Public School no. 3 – Bobesti within Glina, Ilfov County

We have 10 children enrolled in our program at ESC 2, who are all students from grades 0 – IV, with a high risk of school abandonment.
The activities we run here are based on the same activities we run at ESC 1, as the results of our activities at ESC 1 after the first years were very good and encouraging, creating the premises of developing a second Educational Center Inocenti.
The schedule at ESC 2 was adapted according to the Program of our School Partner in Glina: we do activities with our beneficiaries daily, from Monday to Friday, 12:00 noon – 03:00 PM.

Why Glina?

CSE 2 Program is not designed to target the entire community in Glina, but that specific community within Glina of about 250 families that leave near the Landfill of Bucharest, which is situated right in that area. When Glina area started to improve and develop a few years ago, the poorest population in the area was pushed back towards the Landfill which now is an outbreak of poverty and misery.
Instead of attending school, children help their parents collecting rubbish and live in conditions that are hard to imagine for the ordinary people, being condemned to unhappiness and failure.

Starting last year, our team started the process of enrolling the children in school, but our monitoring will not help them to continue their studies. They need daily help and support; they need resources and new models to guide their life.
These were the premises that lead to developing ESC 2, which was opened on the 28th of March 2013.
ESC 2 is a Pilot Project and our resources are limited, but these children need help now, as for them “later” might be translated in “never”.

Project Team

Our Staff Team consists in: Project Manager, Social Assistant, Psychologist, 2 Teachers in Bucharest and 1 Teacher in Glina and a Youth Counselor..
Our work would not be enough without the support of our volunteers. We have approx. 30 permanent volunteers and 25 other volunteers that help us occasionally.


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