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The project is funded through the EEA Grants 2009-2014 under the NGO Fond in Romania. (www.fondong.fdsc.ro)

The project aims to improve the quality of life and facilitate the social integration of children with neuro-psycho-motor disabilities and their families from Bistrita Nasaud by developing an Early Intervention program.

Project Objectives:

To improve the quality of life of the average annual number of 75 children with neuro- psycho-motor, and their families, from the Bistrita Nasaud area.To facilitate the social integration of the children.
By the end of the project (24 months) there will be the following components:
A multifunctional centre and mobile team;
A local network of at least 100 specialists will be established concerned with early intervention (including prevention, early identification and intervention);
A support and a resource centre for professionals and beneficiaries.
A focus on active citizenship by facilitating access to community members, other than our professionals and partners in actions and activities of the project, which includes outreach / awareness education.


Direct beneficiaries:
75 children with neuro-psycho-motor, aged between 0 and 7 years old, with a degree of disability. The children may live in a family situation (biological or substitute) or in placement centre, from all around the County, but especially in the geographical area of: Bistrita city and 25 villages covering the Central, east, South and Southeast of Bistrita Nasaud (Livezile, Josenii Birgaului, Prundu Birgaului, Tiha Birgaului, Bistrita Birgaului, Dumitra, Sintereag, Sieu Odorhei, Sieu Magherus, Lechinta, Matei, Sinmihaiu de Campie, Budeşti, Micestii de Campie, Silivaşu de Campie, Urmenis, Milas, Teaca, Galatii Bistritei, Mariselu, Budacu de Jos, Sieu, Sieut, Monor, Cetate);
100 parents / foster (or substitute) families. Within this group, 75 of the parents will have children with disabilities who are direct beneficiaries of this project and 25 additional parents will also benefit from services from our program, although their children are not direct beneficiaries;
14 professionals who will work in Early Intervention Centre: 10 employees of the Inocenti Foundation and 6 employees of our partner – DGASPC;
Minimum 100 specialists from the local community (DGASPC BN, social workers from the City halls, medical professionals from the local community, other pediatricians, neuro-psychiatrists);

Indirect beneficiaries:
at least 300 children and youths with disabilities in the county of Bistrita Nasaud will participate in the event “Olympics of the Innocents”;
over 1,000 people represented by specialists in the country or abroad, parents and other community members will have access to the latest information about early intervention.

Project activities and the results achieved: 

  1. Ensuring professional consultancy from our partners, the Early Intervention Center “Voinicelul” ­ Chisinau, Moldova and AHEAD Association from Norway.
    • 6 professionals from Inocenţi Foundation and 4 professionals from our partner, DGASPC, were trained on specific topics of early intervention;
  2. Rehabilitation completion of the Early Intervention Center building, in Bistrita, str. Toamnei nr.1A.
  3. Purchasing relevant resource: equipment was purchased, materials, psychological tests, games, educational toys necessary for the therapeutic process and furniture for offices and other spaces.
  4. Training for professional staff who works in the Early Intervention Service
    • 6 Inocenti staff members and 11 DGASPC staff members in Bistrita were trained on specific topics related to early intervention
  5. Training of professionals within the local network.
    • 38 social workers (DGASPC, local authorities, other NGOs in Bistrita ­Nasaud) and 105 medical staff (doctors, nurses) were trained on early intervention.
  6. Setting up tools for work/activities and implementation working tools package was created (evaluation sheet, PIP, PIS, treatment plan, training sheet parent­ therapist, reports);
    • working methods were revised (ROF, ROI, MOF, Code of Ethics);
    • 100 textbooks of the Early Intervention manual were edited, printed and distributed; the implementation manual posted on the site.
  7. Creating an online platform for the specialists and the parents interested in the field of early intervention for the disabled child. The platform operates as a specialized website which can be accessed at: www.interventie­timpurie.ro
  8. Organizing an International Conference “Early intervention for children with disabilities” was accredited by professional associations of doctors and social workers. Over 140 professionals from NGOs, public state system, medical, therapeutic, educational and welfare in 4 countries: France, Norway, Moldova and Romania attended to this conference.
  9. Organizing activities within the Early Intervention Program
    • 80 disabled children in the target group evaluated;
    • 80 disabled children in the target group beneficiaries of recovery therapies;
    • 236 parents benefited from information activities, advice and training;
    • 417 children participated at the “Olympics of the Innocents”.
  10. Audit of the organization­: the organization FI has been audited both financially and operationally.



Directia Generala de Asistenta Sociala si Protectia Copilului Bistrita Nasaud
Centrul pentru Interventie Precoce „Voinicelul”- Chisinau, Republica Moldova
A-HEAD – Oslo, Norvegia

Duration of the project:
April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016

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