Financial Transparency

Inocenti 2019 Income

Inocenti’s cost for offering services to children and families during 2019 was supported from various sources of income: Grants and designated sponsorships, Donations from Individuals and Companies, Fundraising Events and Campaigns. We are thankful to everyone supporting our mission. Total Income attracted in all three Inocenti locations (Bistrita, Bucharest and Cluj) is 2.108.659 lei.  Total Expense 2019 in all locations was 1.883.919 lei.

Our programs also benefited from various in-kind donations in form of supplies and equipment. In addition to this, Inocenti has received free consultancy, marketing and other similar services from RCR USA, in total value of approximately $70,000.

Inocenti 2019 Expenditures

We plan for Program sustainability in order to provide the very best services for our beneficiaries on a long term. Professional, well trained and passionate staff are our key asset. Inocenti believe in the ongoing training of our teams in global best practice so that the they are able to provide high quality education, therapy, social support and coordinated care plan services to children and families in need in Romania year after year.

Programs includes materials, equipment for activities with beneficiaries and salaries for staff working directly with children.

Management and Staff Development includes office equipment, training, administrative staff salaries, travel and office expenses.

Events include the Inocenti Olimpiada, The Bistrita Gala and other fundraising events.

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