Evelin Șutea, a Spring of inspiration for all of us at Inocenți – RCR

It is with great pleasure we present a beautiful young lady, Evelin Șutea, who is part of the Inocenti family for many years now. Brave, strong and full of positive energy… This is our Evelin – a great source of inspiration and motivation for all of us. 

Here is how Olimpiada Inocentilor looks through Evelin’s eyes:

“For every child, childhood should be like a real poem written with magic words, full of happiness and smiles. Unfortunately, not all children have the chance to feel everyday like the most special human beings on Earth. With help from  the angels of Fundatia Inocenti – RCR, this has changed in our city, as they created Olimpiada Inocentilor. It’s about a day – a day when all of the children feel special and important. Actually, the children are the heroes of the day; even their hearts are smiling, and we all receive the most amazing energy from them. From soul to soul, the children offer more than they receive and all you can do is gratefully accept this gift from them. Watching them, you know their happiness is about small things and no matter their condition, there is always place for a smile that could warm your heart and help you see the world in thousands of colors.

Since 2007, Olimpiada is organized every year and it has become the most important day of the year for hundreds of children. On this occasion, children and youth in the programs run by Fundatia Inocenti have the chance to take part in many entertaining activities  and each of them is turned into a beautiful memory in these children’s heart. All along this “journey,”the children are accompanied by wonderful volunteers who, in just a few moments, become their friends. A special connection volunteer-child is built, and so the young volunteers have the chance to see in their teammates for more than just their disability. The get to really know each other, and any barrier is canceled.

At the end of the day, when all of the participants get their medals, you can see the pure happiness on their faces. That’s the moment when all of them feel like real champions who won the most important competition in their life.

Olimpiada Inocentilor – RCR has a special meaning for myself as well. This event helped me develop certain skills, such as socialization, and to become more courageous. It also gave me the opportunity to meet beautiful people who helped me develop and have faith in my own strength.”



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