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What is the 3,5% campaign?

Romanian legislation allows every employee to redirect 2% or 3,5% of the taxes they pay to the state to an NGO of their choice. There is no additional cost to the employee.

Both Fundatia Inocenti – Bucharest Branch and Fundatia Inocenti Bistrita are accredited social service providers.

The money that you redirect goes to the NGO and can then be used to support their work.

How to participate:

There are two forms. Choose:

Form 230 – if you have income only from your salary.

Form 200 – if you have a salary and additional sources of income.


Click links below to Direct 3,5% to Fundatia Inocenti in Bistrita:

Form 230 Bistrita
Form 200

Click link below to Direct 3,5% to Fundatia Inocenti in Bucharest:

Form 230 Bucharest
Form 200

Contact us to collect the forms from your company, or you can deliver or send the form by mail to the local financial administration.

Why Choose Inocenti:

The money that we receive from the 3,5% campaign will help our Programs become more sustainable, help us plan for future development, and reach more children and families in need.
We help to solve problems in your community by supporting local hospitals and schools through our Programs, so you can be sure that the money you redirect will stay in the community where you live.

Your donation supports Romanian Children's Relief to make some dramatic
changes in the way abandoned and handicapped children are cared for in Romania
and prevent child abandonment.

Our Community thanks you for your donation!

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