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Use Amazon Wish Lists and Amazon ‘Smile’

Romanian Children’s Relief is registered with Amazon Smile and also has an online wish list. Individuals can donate items from our list and have them sent to our Foundation. Our list includes toys, technical equipment, printer ink, training books etc.

Amazon Smile.
Do you shop at Amazon? Did you know you can shop Amazon Smile with the same prices and service — and a portion of every purchase can go to Romanian Children’s Relief and Fundatia Inocenti? It’s easy – just select “Romanian Children’s Relief” when you shop at Amazon Smile. Happy Shopping. Note: available only for shopping on

Wish Lists

There are items that the Inocenti / RCR Program teams need throughout the year. If you or your group would like to collect items needed by the children and families in Romania, here is our current “Wish List”:

Clothes for new born to 5 years
Hospital scrubs for women with colorful prints
White t-shirts for children
Balloons & items for birthday parties
Motrin/Tylenol for both children and adults
Band – aids (colorful)
Gummy bears vitamins for children
Diaper rash cream for babies
Crib toys like mirrors and musical toys

For local donations in Bucharest or Bistrita:
Disinfectant for hands
Disinfectant wipes for toys
Baby wipes
Baby bottles and spare teats
Baby shampoo & soap bars
Diapers (size 1,2,3,4,5)
Baby food; baby biscuits and Cereals
Hair clips, bows
Photo albums (10×15 – small)
Canvas for painting

School supplies:
Tennis rackets & tennis balls
Plastic Circe a Slalom Role
Volleyball mesh
Puppet dolls
Sports items for outdoor games
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
Traditional Easter/Christmas toys and games
Small musical instruments – tambourine, castanets, drum, reeds

Crayons & coloring books
Colored pencils
Pens (different colors)
Colored paper A4 / with different patterns
Post-it (different colors)
Spiral notebooks (A5, math, lined)
Pilot – Pens
Modeling material
Colored markers (all types)
Wide tape (all types, especially paper tape)
Correction fluid
Correction pen
Watercolors (acrylic) & other Paints + paint brushes
Puzzles with 50 pieces or less
Scissors for preschoolers and older children
Educational games
Bubble blower machine
Colored paper A4 / with different patterns
Scrapbooking kit
Quelling paper
Watercolors (acrylic) & other Paints + paint brushes
Notebooks (small and big)
Diaries for boys and girls
Story books (Romanian language)
Beads – all types, colors, shapes
Mask templates
Rubber band bracelets
Felt and art and craft supplies (ribbons, buttons, fabric etc)
Glue for paper and wood
Origami paper
Play dough & shapes
Socks with five toes

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