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1. Sophia Simpson$ 200.00
2. Conrad Voorsanger$ 150.00
3. Emily Kan$ 108.00
4. Chris Story$ 100.00
5. Meredith Frey$ 100.00
6. Brian Goldman$ 100.00
7. Carmen Simpson$ 100.00
8. Mary Cunneen$ 100.00
9. Judy Thompson$ 100.00
10. Camelia Rosca$ 100.00
11. David Pottenger$ 100.00
12. Elizabeth Richardson$ 100.00
13. Virginia Guilfoile$ 100.00
14. Najmedin Meshkati$ 100.00
15. Carol Cronin$ 100.00
16. Eileen McHenry$ 50.00
17. Jeanne Murray$ 50.00
18. Anca Grigore$ 50.00
19. Roberta Drewry$ 50.00
20. Matthew Bagley$ 50.00
21. Maggie Gisel$ 50.00
22. Juliette Eck$ 50.00
23. Michael Trick$ 50.00
24. Elizabeth Ripp$ 35.00
25. Maddie Lazas$ 30.00
26. Rachel Wang$ 30.00
27. Maxwell Leiter$ 25.00
28. Casanave Kelchner$ 25.00
29. Deborah Horwitz$ 25.00
30. Christine Khan$ 25.00
31. Hanh Phan$ 25.00
32. Megan Tsern$ 20.00
33. Ava Pacchiana$ 20.00
34. Neha Kommi Reddy$ 20.00
35. Alex Charles$ 20.00
36. Evie Kay$ 15.00
37. Eric $ 10.00
38. Josh Solomon$ 10.00
39. Adreanna LaPorte$ 10.00
40. Shreya Daniel$ 5.00
41. Carolyn Hua$ 4.00

Welcome and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

This fall on October 8th, for my 14th consecutive challenge, I will begin completing the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge locally at my school USC. This challenge will take 48 straight hours, and I’m honored to have friends and family supporting me by my side!

To learn a bit more about the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge, I recommend that you read up about it here. In short, the challenge was inspired by a man named David Goggins, and it involves running/walking 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours, totaling 48 miles. My plan is to run as much as I can, however, it’s inevitable that I’ll need to walk a good portion of those miles :).

Balancing life, school, and work, I’ve picked this challenge because not only does it fit in a weekend, but it’s extremely challenging both physically and mentally. More than anything, this challenge is about powering through the fatigue and exhaustion. I’m nervous, but excited, and ready to put my limits to the test!!

This will be my 14th consecutive year of raising money and awareness for Fundatia Inocenti. I’m very excited to complete this challenge and help spread awareness about the incredible work that this organization does. Thank you so much for supporting me and my friends at Romanian Children’s Relief – Fundatia Inocenti.

If you’d like to learn more about my challenge last year, please stay tuned for the vlog I will be debuting soon! You can also read up about it HERE. If you’d like to learn more about why I do this, please check out my main page.


**DISCLAIMER: Due to COVID-19, and for the safety of my friends and family, I will be carrying a mask with me in the event that I may need to go into a store/encounter large amounts of people. Others’ safety is absolutely a priority, and I will be mindful of that always!**

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