Cami’s 200-mile Trek


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1. Sophia Mai-Simpson$ 200.00
2. anonymous $ 108.00
3. Christopher Story$ 100.00
4. Elizabeth Bridges$ 100.00
5. Morgan Gibson$ 100.00
6. Jo Manny$ 100.00
7. anonymous $ 100.00
8. Gregg Pacchiana$ 100.00
9. Jessica Bethoney$ 100.00
10. David Pottenger$ 100.00
11. Scott Jaynes$ 100.00
12. Judy Thompson$ 75.00
13. Elizabeth Ripp$ 60.00
14. Quinn Shanahan$ 50.00
15. cynthia jones$ 50.00
16. Roberta Drewry$ 50.00
17. Debbie Horwitz$ 50.00
18. Leyf Starling$ 50.00
19. Gigi Tsern$ 50.00
20. Juliette Eck$ 50.00
21. Mary anne Cunneen$ 50.00
22. elizabeth richardson$ 50.00
23. Jeanne Murray$ 50.00
24. Noah Koecher$ 30.00
25. Winter Valent$ 27.00
26. Felicia Mei$ 25.00
27. Jay Shanahan$ 25.00
28. Ashna Chandra$ 25.00
29. Christine Kan$ 25.00
30. Emma Rossilli$ 25.00
31. Brady Worthington$ 25.00
32. Katherine Mei$ 25.00
33. tom simon$ 25.00
34. Shipley Jenkins$ 25.00
35. Evelyn Kay$ 25.00
36. Ben Parkhill$ 22.00
37. Sarah Fong$ 20.00
38. Leah Wootton$ 20.00
39. Neha Kommi Reddy$ 20.00
40. Anokhi Kholwadwala$ 15.00
41. Alex Fox$ 15.00
42. Maddie Lazas$ 15.00
43. Alex Charles$ 15.00
44. anonymous $ 10.00
45. Reuben Levine$ 10.00
46. Nicole Falk$ 10.00
47. Rastaar Haghi$ 10.00
48. Syuen See$ 10.00
49. Amanda Wang$ 10.00
50. Sofija Radulovic$ 10.00

Welcome and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

In light of COVID-19 and the drastic effects that the virus has had on individuals and families all over the world, I have decided to split the funds raised 50/50 between Fundatia Inocenti and PORCH—an all-volunteer hunger relief organization that collects food and cash donations through food drives to then distribute to hundreds of at-risk families in the community. This organization is close to my heart, as it’s one that my family has been volunteering at for the past few years here in Chapel Hill. PORCH’s mission is crucial, and not only have I seen where the money donated to this organization goes, but I’ve also seen the effects that this organization has had on the families that they support. I’m honored to be a part of the impact that PORCH has on the community, and YOU can be a part of that impact.

This summer, on July 11th, I will begin my 200-mile hike on the Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) from Hanging Rock, NC eastbound towards the sea. I am attempting to complete this hike in 10 days, averaging 20 miles per day.

To learn more about MST, click HERE to see an interactive map of the entire trail! I will be doing Segments 8, 9, and 10, covering 201.7 miles of the trail. Due to irregularly spaced out campsites, and large amounts of the trail being on the road, we will have a car (thanks Dad!) following along throughout the 10 days to drop off resources and ensure we have places to sleep. My mom will be accompanying me on my hike!

I was feeling extra bold that evening in April, when I decided to take on this challenge… and although I feel like I say this every year, I think this might actually be the most challenging thing I have ever attempted to do.

The longest I’ve ever hiked was for my challenge in 2016 when I backpacked the Appalachian Trail for 6 days. We hiked a total of 72 miles, averaging about 12 miles per day. To be fair, we had to endure carrying 30-40 lb backpacks and through some crazy elevation—which is why we only did around 12 miles per day. BUT I have never done anything longer than that for a longer period of time.

I’m a little nervous, and perhaps a bit over my head, but I’m a LOT excited to take this on!

This will be my 13th consecutive year of raising money for Fundatia Inocenti, and my first time raising money for PORCH. I’m so excited to share the work of these organizations with family and friends! Thank you so much for supporting me and my friends at Romanian Children’s Relief – Fundatia Inocenti.

If you’d like to learn more about my challenge last year and watch my vlog, click HERE. If you’d like to learn more about why I do this, please check out my main page!

**DISCLAIMER: Due to COVID-19, and for the safety of my family, I will be following social distancing rules. I will be carrying a mask with me in the event that I may need to go into a store/encounter large amounts of people. Others’ safety is absolutely a priority, and I will be mindful of that always!** 

Route Overview

Check out my Vlog about my 2020 Challenge!

Pictures Volunteering at PORCH

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