In collaboration with the Child Protection Department, the ‘Me and My Family’ program was started in 2000 in order to provide services for almost 250 children in the orphanage in Bistrita. The program supported children who had been institutionalized and moved into the foster care system by offering specialized services for this transitional time. In November 2004, the ‘Me and my Family’ program began focusing on serving the children with severe special needs who were moved out of the Camin Hospital in Beclean into foster care or the Placement Center in Bistrita.


To increase the quality of life for children and young people with disabilities and to facilitate their social integration.


Bistrita and Bistrita-Nasaud County.

Program overview:

Inocenti provides specialized services and support on a daily basis in collaboration with Bistrita social services. The Inocenti ‘Me and My Family’ team:

• Assesses the institutionalized children’s psychomotor development and sets up an individualized intervention plan.
• Offers therapeutic services to children, teenagers and young adults with severe special needs in the Placement Center, Bistrita. These children have serious developmental, emotional, behavioral and medical problems. Inocenti provides specialized therapy from experienced staff including psychologists, physical therapists and educators, as needed. Play and recovery therapy for these developmentally delayed children includes physical, cognitive, speech and psychological therapy services and sensory stimulation.
• Facilitates social integration for these children by providing outreach workers and volunteers who offer daily play, music and outdoor activities. Social, recreational activities, parties and festivities are important in order to enhance the quality of life and social integration of the children. These include outdoor field-trips to parks, picnics, a pony farm, the zoo and celebrating, birthday parties and experiencing festivities at Christmas.
• Provides material support, information, mentoring and counseling via home visits to disabled children in foster care. Educational materials, and personal care items are sourced as needed to improve the home circumstances for the children and their caregivers.
• Organizes activities to enhance the awareness and acceptance of disabled children in the community through for example The Olimpiada Inocentilor, the Great Duck Race and the Gala.
• Provides life skills training for disabled adolescents to develop independence.
• Advocates for children with disabilities and their caregivers.
• Creates a “Life Book” for every child that is transferred into a foster family.



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