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Inocenti 2016 Income

Fundatia Inocenti is committed to being fully transparent to our donors, supporters, and stakeholders. At the heart of Inocenti financial management is the concept of financial control – in order to ensure that the beneficiaries are well served and the donors and partners are satisfied. There are five key attributes within these controls – Consistency, Accountability, Transparency, Viability and Integrity. We have managed to secure our running costs over the past 25 years with the help of the communities Fundatia Inocenti works in, from grants, businesses and charity events and campaigns. This is how you made this possible in 2016:

Fundatia Inocenti also received in-kind donations of more than 140,000 lei, which were used in our daily activities.  In addition to financial support, FI has received from RCR in-kind support including management, marketing, and strategic development support services totaling $70,000.

Inocenti 2016 Expenditures

We plan for Program sustainability in order to provide the very best services for our beneficiaries on a long term. Professional, well trained and passionate staff are our key asset. Inocenti believe in the ongoing training of our teams in global best practice so that the they are able to provide high quality education, therapy, social support and coordinated care plan services to children and families in need in Romania year after year.

Programs includes materials, equipment for activities with beneficiaries and salaries for staff working directly with children. Management and Staff Development includes office equipment, training, administrative staff salaries, travel and office expenses. Events include the Inocenti Olimpiada, The Bistrita Gala and other fundraising events. ONG Fund Partners work in collaboration with the Inocenti Early Intervention Program.

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