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1. Judy Thompson$ 200.00
3. Carol Cronin$ 150.00
4. David Pottenger$ 100.00
5. Scott Jaynes$ 100.00
6. Julius Fister$ 100.00
7. Marisa Echeverri$ 100.00
8. Sophia Mai-Simpson$ 100.00
9. Lisa Shanahan$ 100.00
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12. Emily Kan$ 63.00
13. Gail King$ 50.00
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16. ann taylor$ 50.00
17. A L Peirce Starling$ 50.00
18. Elizabeth Hays$ 50.00
19. Sabrina Simpson$ 37.00
20. Yunhao Zhang$ 35.00
21. Carmen Kromhout$ 25.00
22. Sylvia R Simpson$ 25.00
23. Christopher Barth$ 25.00
24. Alex Fox$ 25.00

Welcome and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

This summer, August 2019, I’ll be going to Breckenridge, CO to hike several mountains known as the “14ners.” These mountains get their name from their shared altitudes of all over 14,000 ft. This will set a new record for me in terms of the highest mountain I’ve trekked. My previous record was Mount Kinabalu in Southeast Asia at 13,435 ft. If the weather cooperates, we will attempt to summit Lincoln, Democrat, Cameron, and Bross, all part of the Mosquito Range in Breckenridge, CO.

This will be my 12th consecutive year of raising money for Fundatia Inocenti, and I’m very excited to continue my challenges and share the work of Fundatia Inocenti with family and friends! Thank you for supporting me and my friends at Romanian Children’s Relief – Fundatia Inocenti.

Pictures from the Trip!

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